Speed test AT&T

What can be said about AT&T that hasn’t been said already? This American telecommunications giant with over one hundred years of experience in the market keeps growing and constantly improving their services.
In the last few years AT&T managed to adapt to new technology trends offering their customers telephony services for home and mobile users, TV service with 285 High Definition TV (HDTV) channels, as well as DSL and Wi-Fi connections.
As well as most leading communication companies, AT&T offers different plans with special offers for companies and home users.
Inside the United States, AT&T delivers services in twenty-two states, providing several DSL internet services based on four different connection speeds: 256 Kbps, 1.5 Mbps, 3.0 Mbps and 6.0 Mbps.
As a distinguishing feature, AT&T offers their broadband subscribers online technical support 24 hours a day; advisory services; Moving House and Reconnection plans; and over 71.000 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country.
Even when AT&T is countrywide acknowledged, the company is not exempt from criticism.
On several forums, users discuss different issues regarding AT&T services. They deal with transfer speed issues, which they claim as being notoriously slower than stated on the contract, as well as constant disconnects or modem resets.
If you a customer and feel like checking whether or not AT&T is cheating on your speed, don’t hesitate to perform an online speed test to check the speed and integrity of your internet connection.