Speed test Comcast

Comcast Corporation in known throughout the entire USA territory for being the largest cable TV services provider. It’s also the company with the highest amount of broadband and digital telephone line subscribers in its coverage area, which covers the states of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia and Houston.
This telecommunication corporation offers their thousands of users interesting special offers for any of their three services.
In the telephony area, it presents its innovative digital technology named Digital voice, and as regards cable TV, it offers a wide range of special offers including up to 200 channels, High-Definition TV (HDTV) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder).
Comcast also offers interesting Double Play and Triple Play bundles which include all their telecommunication services in a single package.
As for high-speed internet services, Comcast Corporation offers their so-called DSL Performance and Blast services (12 Mbps and 16 Mbps speed services respectively).
These services incorporate PowerBoost® technology, boosting DSL speed above any other traditional internet service. As for plans and bundles, Comcast has several special offers for the first months which may vary according to the duration of the annual of bi-annual plan. There are also special offers and bundles for the Hispanic market in the US.
Although Comcast Corporation is the one of the favorite telecommunication company in America, when it comes to choosing a cable TV, telephony or broadband DSL internet service, it’s a company that is also known for several for complaints for limiting P2P traffic complaints, and Comcast has acknowledged these accusations.
As it usually happens with most internet services providers nowadays, our connection transfer speed tends to be slower compared to the one previously stated in the contract. This is without a doubt a major concern since we are paying for a service that is not being properly delivered.
For those who are doubtful about their actual transfer speed, it is recommended to run a speed test found on lots of websites throughout the web.