Speed test Suddelink

Suddelink Communications group is listed among the top 10 internet providers in the United States, covering nineteen states and having more than 1.300.00 subscribers who trust in the quality of our services.
Currently, Suddenlink Communications extends their home internet services, and now it provides mobile telephony, 75 High-Definition TV channels and home safety alarms, apart from delivering communication solutions for small businesses.
As well as most leading communication companies, Suddelink offers different plans and bundles with special offers for companies and home users.
Suddelink Internet™ service emphasizes its average connection speed trebling other internet service providers.
While a regular DSL service offers up to 7mbps transfer rate, Suddelink provides their users internet services with transfer rates above 20 MBs. This difference in speed is without a doubt reflected in the price of the plan.
Suddenlink’s fast connection speed is complemented with additional features, such as MacAfee antivirus and parental control; it also Includes 10 mailboxes with 2 GB storage per mailbox and hosting for a personal website.
In terms of overall broadband connection quality, Suddenlink Communications excels in most aspects. However, it seems some users are not completely happy with their services.
In some states there have been complaints for limiting P2P traffic, transfer speed issues, which they claim as being notoriously slower than stated on the contract, as well as constant disconnects or modem resets. For this reason, you can always perform an online speed test -found on numerous sites- to gather accurate data regarding your internet connection. With these speed tests you can know whether or not your ISP is cheating your speed.