Speed test Verizon

With over 100 million subscribers Verizon managed to position itself as one of the most important telecommunication providers throughout the entire US territory. Verizon offers a wide range of products and DSL services, telephony and high-definition TV thus covering the most demanding needs of companies and home users alike.
Verizon is not just a simple internet provider, but a telecommunication giant that complements internet services with IP telephony and high-definition TV in a single optical fiber connection delivering a transfer rate up to 50 Mbs.
Regarding high-speed internet services, Verizon launched a series of promotional DSL connection bundles: 1 MB, 3MB and 7.1 MB, which can be suited to home or business users needs.
The price of each of these packages varies depending on the duration of the contract, either extending it up to one or two years, and whether or not it includes telephony services.
As for 3 and 7.1 MBs special offers, Verizon offers a wireless router completely free of charge, home installation and technical support 24 hours a day for the above-mentioned services.
On the other hand, it’s also important mentioning the flaws Verizon ‘s services provides. The main issue reported by users is broadband connection slowdowns with no apparent reasons. These slowdowns occur randomly and quite often. This causes the connection to malfunction and downloads to perform below average speed. For this last issue, we as costumers can perform a speed test, a tool that will basically test our upload and download speed and show the actual speed and performance of our ADSL connection.
This speed test is the best way to ensure that you’re getting the speed you’re paying. Use our speed test and in a matter of seconds, you’ll know whether or not your internet service provider is cheating your speed.